It doesn’t matter if you’re in the middle of a storm (it’s waterproof)…
Or if it ends up flying out of your hands and into the lake (it floats)…
Or if you stuff it down the side of your pack (it’s tear-resistant)…
It just works.

But that's just the beginning.

It's going to make your trips better.

Ice cold springs for a hot summer’s day, secret unofficial routes and portages that can offer handy shortcuts and open up new lakes and rivers, tons of hidden historic ruins.

Just imagine the adventures you'll have on your next trip!

Temagami’s a big place. So big in fact, that I had to divide the park up into 5 different sections.

“Wait, so I need to buy multiple maps for my trip!?”

Probably not.

In laying them out I wanted to make them as zoomed in and detailed as possible while specifically trying to make sure that you’d only need a single map for most trips, even trips that are a week or more in length. It was tough, and as always there are exceptions, but that should be true most of the time.

“Okay, but which section should I choose?”

  • Pick the map that best covers your area of interest. One of the really nice things with having so much overlap between the sections is that while a given route might only be partially covered by one map, it’s probably completely covered by it’s neighbour.

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  • If you’re okay with lugging your kayak in between lakes, then just take a look at my advice for canoeists.

    If not, but you’re just looking to go on a short trip (i.e. a trip involving no more than a couple of days of travelling,) you can check out my Central Temagami map for a couple of options, most of which allow you to paddle directly from your car to your campsites.

    If a longer portage-free trip is in the cards, then you ought to be considering Georgian Bay (see my Killarney & the Georgian Bay Coast map).

  • Most of the developed portion of the only backpacking trail in the area – the Ottawa-Temiskaming Highland Trail – can be found on my Central Temagami map

    While it doesn’t cover the whole trail (since the extreme southern section isn’t truly part of Temagami), it includes just shy of 100km of it and is suited for trips from 1 to 6 days in length.

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